Netflare Support Explained
How to get the most out of Netflare Support and make effective changes quickly and efficiently…

The Netflare Support System is designed to ensure that change requests are tracked and logged, channelled to the right people, executed correctly and performed as quickly as possible.

How to submit a support request

By telephone

If you are in any doubt about support issues, then please call us anytime. Someone in the office will be able to assist either immediately, or show you how to enter an online support request.

By the website form

Visit the Netflare website: and click on the link ‘support requests’ displayed at the top in the header.

This will open an online form for you to complete.

The fields are as follows:

  • Name:

    Enter your name so we know who made the request.

  • Email:

    Enter your email address so we can update you with progress, or contact you if clarification is required.

  • Phone:

    Enter your telephone number in case we need to speak to you. Website: Enter your website address, or even the address of a specific page, so we know which website this support request is regarding.

  • Estimate required:

    Tick this box if you require an estimate before work commences.

    In most cases, support requests are performed within 15 minutes and hence charged at 1 credit. However some support requests are more complex and may take several hours. In these cases, we may convert this into a mini-project and quote you for an agreed fee.

    If you are uncertain and want us to let you know the complexity of your request and an estimate of time and additional costs, we will contact you and discuss your options before we begin any work.

  • Support Request Summary:

    Describe the support request in as much detail as possible.

  • Attach File:

    If you have associated files such as word documents or images, then you can attach up to 4 to each support request. If you have more, then you can zip them up and attach the single zip file.

What happens when a request is submitted

As soon as you complete the form, you will be sent an email to confirm that the request has been accepted into our support system. A submitted support request is known as a ticket and will always be referenced by its unique ticket number so that you can make reference to it in future correspondence.

An email is also sent to our Development Manager who will review the ticket and assign it to a developer. The support request is then queued in our helpdesk system until the assigned developer is free to investigate and begin work on the ticket.

Once the request has been completed, the developer updates the ticket and marks down the time taken to make the required changes. The ticket is then closed and you will be sent an email informing you that the changes have been made.

If your approval is required before any changes go live, you will simply respond to the last email sent by the system informing the developer you are either happy for the changes to go live, or further work is required.

What if it is urgent?

For urgent support issues, call and explain the problem to us and we will endeavour to resolve the issue as fast as we can. Submitting a detailed request through our online support form before you call us will help speed things up as we will then be able to refer to a ticket that outlines the problem.

To make this all work, you can be sure that Netflare are only a phone call away, or you can even arrange a visit by your dedicated account manager to ensure your marketing strategies are being effectively executed.

Find out more about how your website will be supported and maintained. Call 0800 107 4662 and ask to speak to an advisor.