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Netflare Announces the Website Design & Build Programme for Startups…

Discover the only true way to get the best possible website for your start-up business...

With limited budgets, your website will possibly be the most visible aspect of your start-up marketing campaign. At this crucial time in business development, you can't afford to waste time or money by making mistakes in marketing.

That's why Netflare has launched the Design & Build Programme: Learn the essential marketing skills to make your website a success AND learn how your website works by getting involved in the development of your website.

Introducing the 3 step Design and Build programme...

Step 1: Instant visibility

You'll get an introductory website containing a homepage, product / service pages and enquiry form together with an advanced webstats analyser to measure your success. This be your interim solution while we develop your professionally designed website.

Step 2: Learn the Essential Marketing Skills

You’ll get full access to our Jumpsite Marketing workshops, held at our HQ in Cambridge, to learn the secrets of successful marketing. Every Wednesday afternoon, we run Jumpsite TL1 Marketing Workshops. This covers all the essential elements of getting your business posture ready for powerful online marketing strategies.

Step 3: Professional bespoke design on a scalable content management system

You'll get a professionally designed website. This will be built to become a lead generation tool, rich in powerful content and tuned perfectly to your target customers. Your website will include bespoke graphic design unique to you and tailored exactly to your requirements. It will also include add-on modules to make your website feature rich and easy for non-technical users to add content.

How much does it all cost?

With three risk-free payments of £500 and only £99 per month you’ll get three essential elements in one to make an unbeatable combination. Risk-free means that you only pay when you're happy, and if at anytime during the development you feel your website requirements are not being met, you get your money back.

Why this 3-in-1 offer is perfect for startups...

Without the marketing know-how, the fresh design ideas and the technical skills to manage and implement your business decisions, your website will flounder and frustrate you.

On the Design & Build Programme, you’ll get full access to the weekly workshops held at Netflare HQ in Cambridge. These workshops will give you hands-on working knowledge of the five introductory TL1 programmes.

Jumpsite Marketing was introduced by Netflare to unlock the following…

  • Your marketing messages lack the passion behind the people who run the business
  • Your marketing messages do not differentiate you from your competition
  • Your marketing messages lack the credibility required to obtain the desired lead generation and conversion rates
  • The technology you know is available is not being fully utilised
  • You have no coherent marketing plan, and your fear prevents the necessary investment to fulfil your requirements
  • Your Front-End customer acquisition and Back-End customer nurturing marketing strategies are vague and overlap
  • Your business does not take ownership of your strategies for marketing and planning

To make your website work, you need to follow a few simple principles that enable you to lay solid foundations, evolve and explore, test and measure, confidently expand and manage your growth. As the internet matures, the potential to gain extra market share, using the right tools, is now a reality. The time is NOW to get good at marketing; otherwise someone else will gain your market share on the internet.

These simple principles are what Jumpsite Marketing is all about. The five introductory programmes to help you learn these principles are as follows:

  1. Business Posture:

    Learn how to create an environment that enables you to build solid marketing strategies. Combine your business motives with your passion to differentiate yourself from your competition.

    By knowing WHY you do what you do and being aware of your PASSION for your business, you will be able to communicate with like minded customers who appreciate the value and results you deliver.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation:

    Learn how to improve the visibility of your website on the search engines.

    Improve the relevancy of your content to match the popular search terms used to find your business.

    By knowing how the search engines work, you’ll be able to develop and build a powerful business tool – your website - to bring the right customers to your door.

  3. Writing Copy:

    Learn how to write direct response copy for your website, flyers and adverts.

    Know the 7 fundamentals of writing great copy that attracts the right customers, keeps them interested and informed, and compels them to take the next step such as making contact by phone or email.

  4. Multi-channel Marketing:

    Learn how to target specific customers using multiple marketing channels.

    Know what your targeted customers are looking for and find the best case studies and headlines to use for your marketing strategies.

    By performing a marketing analysis, you’ll be able to develop a resource of response articles and marketing material for each of your marketing channels to be used over and over again.

  5. Measure for Success:

    Learn how to create landing pages and track the success of your marketing campaigns.

    Know how to add landing pages to your website, analyse the < logfile statistics and determine the success of your campaigns. If you don’t measure the success of your campaigns, you are in danger of repeating the same mistakes.

Design & Build Offer: Upgrade to Jumpsite Strategy Management

Once you see the real benefits of these marketing programmes, you can upgrade to the full five Jumpsite Marketing programmes for a special Design & Build price of only an additional £99 per month (making your total monthly fee £198).

How do I know if this is right for me?

The only way to find out is to call me and chat for about half an hour and discover whether this offer is practical and realistic for you.

If it is, you will work with Netflare to plan, build and develop solid marketing foundations for your business.

  • You’ll get the knowledge to build breakthrough strategies in webite marketing
  • You’ll get a solid growth plan for your website, giving it purpose and value
  • You’ll know what you’re doing is not only right, but delivering tangible results
  • You’ll build a front end marketing tool to capture new business, and a back end tool to nurture your existing customers
  • You’ll master the art of writing direct response copy
  • You’ll move away from the sales role toward the consultant and the trusted advisor
  • You’ll finally get to understand how the search engines work and what you can do to improve your visibility

This Design & Build system is all about building a solid marketing strategy to build your website backed by weekly marketing workshops.

With no strategy your previous marketing attempts no doubt ended in disappointment or failure, compounded by the realisation of how much time and effort you have invested.

With a Netflare maintained website, you’ll get full access to our Passionate Support Team, which includes Technical Support to keep your website operational, Design Support to ensure your website contains all the essential aspects of a successful website, and Marketing Support to turn your website into a highly tuned lead generation tool.

Get a solution that you've helped to create...

1: Get a FREE introductory website

2: Get access to Jumpsite Marketing Workshops during the development of your website

3: Three £500 no-risk payments and only £99 per month

Optional upgrade to Jumpsite Strategy Management for an additional £99

To make your website work, you need to follow a few simple principles that enable you to lay solid foundations, evolve and explore, test and measure, confidently expand and manage your growth. As the internet matures, the potential to gain extra market share, using the right tools, is now a reality. The time is NOW to get good at marketing; otherwise someone else will gain your market share on the internet.

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