Jumpsite TL1: Strategy Builder
Designed for Business Owners, Jumpsite TL1: Strategy Builder reveals the secrets of successful marketing and how to implement these strategies…

How many times have you experimented with marketing ideas only to end in disappointment? How many times have you redesigned your website and achieved little in improved visibility and generated leads?

Jumpsite marketing was created by Netflare in response to clients and prospects failing to grasp the basic principles of marketing. The fundamental issue is that when you are given the opportunity, you are good at what you do. But finding new customers is time consuming and takes you away from doing your business. Even worse, most business owners are not very good at it.

The Jumpsite TL1 contains 5 introductory programmes to help you learn the basic marketing principles that can be easily applied on the Internet.

1) Business Posture:

Learn how to create an environment that enables you to build solid marketing strategies. Combine your business motives with your passion to differentiate yourself from your competition.

By knowing WHY you do what you do and being aware of your PASSION for your business, you will be able to communicate with like minded customers who appreciate the value and results you deliver.

2) Search Engine Optimisation:

Learn how to improve the visibility of your website on the search engines.

Improve the relevancy of your content to match the popular search terms used to find your business.

By knowing how the search engines work, you’ll be able to develop and build a powerful business tool – your website - to bring the right customers to your door.

3) Writing Copy:

Learn how to write direct response copy for your website, flyers and adverts.

Know the 7 fundamentals of writing great copy that attracts the right customers, keeps them interested and informed, and compels them to take the next step such as making contact by phone or email.

4) Marketing Analysis:

Learn how to target specific customers using multiple marketing channels.

Know what your targeted customers are looking for and find the best case studies and headlines to use for your marketing strategies.

By performing a marketing analysis, you’ll be able to develop a resource of response articles and marketing material for each of your marketing channels to be used over and over again.

5) Measure for Success:

Learn how to create landing pages and track the success of your marketing campaigns.

Know how to add landing pages to your website, analyse the logfile statistics and determine the success of your campaigns. If you don’t measure the success of your campaigns, you are in danger of repeating the same mistakes.

Jumpsite TL1 Programme: £2500.00

Ongoing support including unlimited workshop attendance: £180 per month per attendee.

You are more than welcome to join us for our weekly workshops that cover these topics in detail.

Alternatively, bespoke training programmes can be arranged at £500 per session - up to 12 attendees.

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