Techniques to Add Interest
Here’s 7 techniques to add interest to your body copy…

1) Use sub-headlines

There are 2 reasons for using sub-headlines:

  1. With sub-headings in the content, it will make it easy to get a quick page overview without reading every word.
  2. Sub-headings will keep the readers attention and create a compelling reason to read on.

2) Use different typeface styles to add inflection

Use capitalisation, underline, and bold characters to indicate how the sentence would sound if you were talking to your prospect.

Try our NEW custard jelly pies and have your monsters SCREAMING for more.

3) Use bullets to group a list associated with your specific argument

For each bullet point, use statements fashioned like headlines to present winning reasons to help your prospect learn more about your product or service.

4) Express your copy with sentences that arouse the senses and include verbs that better convey the meaning behind the action

Describe the benefits of your product or service in terms of how it affects your senses. By including descriptive words that arouse your senses of smell, hearing, touch, taste and sight, your customer will relate to the experience of the benefits in a more personal way.

5) Use metaphors

Use a good analogy that directly relates to a story or occurrence in every day life they are familiar with. By building an easily identifiable scenario, you can make positive associations using a metaphor to describe the benefits.

6) Use contrast

Describe the benefits of your product or service with contrasting before and after scenarios. This will help to highlight the difference your product or service will make.

7) Use emotion

You can connect to your prospect emotionally by identifying a common enemy – your competition…

Identify the unscrupulous competition who may be trying to do your prospect no good.

Describe the ways in which their methods may be making your prospect feel angry or insulted.

Identify the feelings you have about the practices of these businesses.

Posture your business to be the real solution to the problems and help to quell the emotions you have raised.

By including one or more of these techniques in your body copy, you will be taking steps to make your content more interesting, personal and compelling to read.

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