Jumpsite TL3: Customer Acquisition
Designed for Websites with a Mature Back-end Strategy, Jumpsite TL3: Customer Acquisition will pick up the pace and turn your website into a highly efficient Lead Generation Tool

Everything is clear. You have created a path for your business and know exactly where you are going. You have great customers and they appreciate the efforts you make to deliver the value and results they are looking for.

All you need to make your business a success is more customers.

Jumpsite TL3: Customer Acquisition focuses on visibility and lead generation.

1) Developing a Marketing Strategy

Learn how to Develop a marketing strategy, set targets and plan to achieve them. When preparing your marketing strategy, focusing on the objectives and organising the necessary actions are the essentials to success.

A good marketing strategy document will be the foundations of your activities. It must be easily accessible, used, reviewed and updated regularly. To make this happen, this programme outlines 9 key elements of a useful document, outlined and explained in detail.

2) Front-end Marketing

Learn how to implement and manage the front-end marketing principles covered in Jumpsite TL1. This programme covers the advertising and visibility options available on the internet and the best ways to make them work for your business.

Topics covered are:

  • Campaign management
  • Online advertising
  • Article Marketing
  • Newsletters and autoresponders

3) Prospect Follow-up: Newsletters and Auto-Responders

Your marketing campaigns probably bring in product and service enquiries by email, website, telephone, fax and post. For each enquiry you get, you’ll no doubt attempt to follow up and send information to the prospect as quickly as possible.

The quicker you can respond and satisfy a prospects need for information the more likely you are to make a sale. But what happens after the first piece of information you send? Do you have anything else to send them?

If you don’t follow up the first message with additional information, your prospect will gradually fade into the distance. This prospect may have been very interested, but wasn’t quite ready to make contact. Perhaps the prospect may have been too busy, or lost your details, or simply forgot. If they don’t hear from you again, they will take their business elsewhere.

Once you complete the Jumpsite Marketing Auto-responder Programme, you’ll be able to follow up all your enquiries in a professional manner. You’ll have a follow-up system tuned to your prospect types and deliver consistently, individually, and in a timely manner.

What’s more, you’ll find that the number of regular subscribers to your newsletters increases every month to give you a larger prospect database to broadcast your offers.

4) Writing Copy 3: Effective Writing Skills

Learn to understand your visitors and write in a style they appreciate. Why are they reading your website? Would they rather be watching TV? Are they browsing for some research material? Are they real readers who actually want to read your articles? If they could, would they rather listen to your content?

Writing skills review:

  • purpose
  • audience
  • content
  • appearance
  • accessibility
  • organisation

Effective Writing Skills introduces the following concepts:

  • Jolts, Chunks and Taglines: what are they and how to use them
  • Using Questions as hooks: the question for the answer they seek
  • The truth is bigger than the facts
  • Interactive communication: is this what you want?
  • Communicate as equals
  • Writing effective summaries
  • Using unusual statements
  • Using and promising conflicts
  • Using news pegs - tie on the coat-tails of some big news
  • Giving personal attention
  • Inviting and provoking action

5) Measuring 3: Indextools

Learn how to control your marketing campaigns with advanced web analytics. This programme covers the management of your campaigns, what and how to measure your KPI’s, and how to setup Indextools.

Jumpsite TL3 Programme: £3000.00

Ongoing support including unlimited workshop attendance: £180 per month per attendee.

You are more than welcome to join us for our weekly workshops that cover these topics in detail.

Alternatively, bespoke training programmes can be arranged at £500 per session - up to 12 attendees.

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