Account Management
Why good account management is essential for a successful website…

With a Netflare Account Manager, you’ll get professional project management to organise and plan the development of your website, business development to establish your objectives and marketing support to provide professional marketing advice.

Project Management

Managing your website is fundamentally about delivery of service. If you don’t have the time or the internal expertise to operate your website and keep it on track to meet your objectives, then you need to be able to rely on a service that does.

With Netflare, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to understand your requirements and will be there to organise and plan existing and new developments.

Working as a consultant, your Account Manager will be able to facilitate between departments unheeded by any internal bureaucracy or hierarchical structures. You’ll be able to forge new lines of communication within your organisation and get to hear about solutions from a different perspective.

Also being an external partner, your Account Manager will be able to collaborate with other trusted external suppliers and advisors to provide necessary expert help as and when needed.

Be assured that all Netflare projects are managed professionally using a bespoke online project management tool designed to ensure every project is accounted for and implementation is supervised at all times.

Business development

Achieving your business objectives requires solid planning, determination and trust in your advisors that surround you. Netflare see a strong relationship as a fundamental requirement. This will depend on accountability, responsibility and ownership of the advice and the support of key decisions made throughout the relationship. The core objective of the Netflare Account Manager is in gaining this trust.

With Netflare Account Management, you’ll get regular updates on the performance of your website and your marketing strategies. As the advice given turns into successes, the trust built up will enable you to confidently make key business decisions when it comes to shaping and developing the future of your business.

Having a Netflare Account Manager to collaborate with your management team and assist in establishing your business objectives means you’ll get first hand knowledge of your marketing performance. With the right key performance indicators established from your website, this information will assist you in determining budget levels for your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Support

As your website becomes more important to your business, your marketing strategies will depend on an efficient support line to ensure your plans stay on track. That’s why Netflare Account Management provides pro-active marketing support to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

You’ll get creative input from an external perspective to help you visualise the challenges from your customers’ perspective. Looking from the outside, you’ll also get insights into latest trends in marketing strategies both in your business arena and in general.

You’ll also get assistance in campaign management and guidance on how to measure the success of your campaigns. Using the search engines for online advertising is becoming an essential part of getting the visibility you need to promote your business. With the right marketing support, your online campaigns will be managed in the most cost effective manner.

For lead generation, your marketing messages must be crafted to be relevant to your target audience. Your Netflare Account Manager will assist you in creating attractive content to make your prospects find you irresistible and want to contact you.

To improve your conversion rate, your Account Manager can assist you will setting up powerful newsletters and auto-responders. Using this technology, each enquiry will be automatically followed-up with personalised emails. Further emails can be sent at predetermined intervals in order to nurture the prospect by feeding them valuable and timely information. This will keep you prospect warm until they are ready to buy.

Communication and Systems

You’ll get regular meetings with management reports and presentations designed for you to understand how things are going. Part of this communications allows both you and your account manager to talk on the same level and manage expectations to avoid delusions and disappointments.

In the real world, there will be issues that require resolving, and your plans will stumble. But putting things right and changing your plans means you are developing and growing. That’s why a good account manager that keeps you on track is so important if you want your business to succeed.


Netflare Management Support: 1 credit (equivalent to 30mins)

To make your website work, you need to follow a few simple principles that enable you to lay solid foundations, evolve and explore, test and measure, confidently expand and manage your growth. With a Netflare Account Manager to support you, your plans stand a far high chance of success.

Find out for yourself how you can maximise your business potential by taking advantage of Netflare’s Account Management. Call 0800 107 4662 and ask to speak to an advisor.