Self Managed Websites
Advice to Startups and Small Business Owners on Whether Building and Managing Your Own Website is Right for You…

Building you own website is a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved with marketing your startup or small business on the Internet. Before you make any decisions on how you wish to proceed, you need to assess whether you have the aptitude, time and energy required to make this work.

In this article I aim to outline what a self managed website is and what that means to you.

What it actually means to build your own website…

Ultimately, building your own website means that you take total responsibility for its success. Your website is essentially a marketing tool and you are responsible for deciding on its purpose. You are responsible for the content and the marketing message and you are responsible for the planning, the design and the implementation.

It also means you have a lot to learn. You need to be armed with the knowledge to make responsible and appropriate marketing decisions. As well as running your business and controlling your existing marketing campaigns, you will have to decide on the amount of time and effort you are willing to commit to make it work. If you spend too much time on your website, you risk diverting your energies away from your core business activities. If you spend too little time on your website, you risk damaging your credibility with a poor quality website or possibly become one of those businesses with a permanent ‘Coming Soon…’ website.

Passionate Support so you’re not left in the dark…

BusinessWebFactory is not just a hosting company. You are provided with all the information you need online to help you with your technical, design and marketing issues. If you need additional help, then Netflare are available to provide professional assistance in the areas you require.

Support is managed through a comprehensive ticketing system. Your tickets will be dealt with by our support staff to ensure your questions are answered appropriately. Additional support, such as technical or graphic design assistance, is controlled using purchase orders and managed through the BusinessWebFactory billing system so you only pay for the specific work you request at the agreed price.

What you actually need to know…

BusinessWebFactory provides you with a fully supported open source content management system built on a powerful server manager control panel, called Plesk, to give you complete access to your hosting environment. You are provided will animated tutorials, advice and links to other websites that provide additional help on the content management system you have choosen.

Once you have grasped how to operate your content management system, managing the content of your website will be like editing a document using a familiar editor such as Microsoft Word.

What skills you need…

If you have the technical skills to operate the usual office applications on a PC, then you should be able to pick up the necessary skills to manage your website. Probably the most important skills you need are time management, and marketing experience.

There are basically 3 areas of control. On the BusinessWebFactory website, there are comprehensive guides and tutorials to help you manage the essential tasks in order to get your website up and working.

The 3 areas of control are:

  1. Your BusinessWebFactory client area.

    This allows you access to the BusinessWebFactory website, your payment information and your account details.

  2. Your Plesk control panel.

    This allows you access to your hosting environment. It is here where you can control your domains, your email accounts, your databases, your files that represent your website and your SSL certificate status.

  3. Your Content Management System administration area.

    This allows you to modify your website, such as modify images, content and menus.

Take Control of your Internet Marketing Strategies…

If you feel comfortable managing your website, then with the help and support from BusinessWebFactory, you will get the opportunity to learn the secrets of successful marketing that will turn your website into a highly tuned lead generation tool for your business.

If you have the technical skills to operate the usual office applications on a PC, then you should be able to pick up the necessary skills to manage your website. Probably the most important abilities you need are time management and marketing experience.

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