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Brand development

Brand development

Building the foundations for all your marketing strategies

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, brand development stands as the cornerstone of any successful strategy. It's not just about creating a logo or choosing a colour palette; it's about knowing who you are, what you're passionate about and why you do what you do. Only then can you build a bridge to connect and resonate with your audience. 

From defining your business identity to measuring success, each step in the brand development process plays a crucial role in shaping perceptions and driving growth.

Business identity

Business identity

Nothing matters more than knowing the reason WHY your business operates the way it does. 

The success of your marketing strategies will depend on how clear your message is conveyed. 

Business identity is all about identifying and developing your passion behind the business, the value and results your deliver to your clients, and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Once you have this, you can work on becoming the expert and define your uniqueness in your field. 

The secret to successful internet marketing strategies is in making your website work for you automatically. By understanding the concepts of front-end and back-end marketing, you can create a lead generation funnel with auto-responder emails, and nurture your clients with value driven products and services tiered to give more to the clients who trust you most.

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis

Success is measured by the difference between the type of customer you think you are targeting, and the actual type of customer you attract.

This misalignment will result in the frustration of dealing with specific requirements that your products and services are not well suited for. 

Without a marketing strategy, this may lead to a customer-led business where your business changes its products to suit the customer it attracts, instead of being a vision-led business where you find the right customer for your products and services you have passionately developed.

By carefully analysing your ideal customer type, you can anticipate the questions and problems they have. Armed with this information, you can build a portfolio of prepared responses you know the visitor will find valuable and informative. With these responses written to be irresistible to your target visitors, your website will stand a much greater chance of becoming a successful business tool.

Front-end marketing

Content marketing

Why content marketing is more important than ever.

Content marketing conveys the desired message to your target audience in a language they understand. This contrasts with conventional product orientated methods such as highlighting the features and benefits to a generic audience. 

From website copy and blog posts to social media updates and video content, every piece of content should align with your brand's voice and values. By creating compelling and relevant content, you can engage with your audience, build trust, and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.


Information Architecture

Information architecture

The web is active, not passive. 

The visitor is constantly making decisions on what to read and what to search. Information architecture is designed to support these decisions. 

As design tools make it easier to produce attractive graphic design, if you allow it, the web design process will become constrained to graphic design principles. 

It is words, not images that are the building blocks for successful websites. Looking at the website as a complete system, the architecture of the content and the navigation require planning based on path scenarios. For each scenario, you should consider whether you need to inform or persuade the visitor. The style of content, informing or persuading, can be used to lead the visitor to achieve your business objectives and to help them find the information they are looking for.

Using all the information gathered during the discovery phase, you will be able to determine what content is needed to design a complete information system that satisfies the needs of your target customer types.

Improving communication with messaging strategy

Messaging strategy

Become proactive and improve communication with email. 

When combining newsletters with autoresponders, you will have the ability to build credibility and trust with your customers and prospects.

Measuring Success

Measuring success

Focus on results by measuring your KPI's. 

The key to this is knowing how to effectively collect and utilise the right information in a way that makes key business decisions clear and obvious.

Marketing Workshops

Try our marketing workshops for FREE

The first FREE introductory workshop will cover the business identity section of the branding development training programme. 

This 45 minute call will cover the following areas: 

  • Splitting your marketing activities into customer acquisition and customer nurturing marketing strategies 
  • Add clarity to your objectives by asserting a well defined USP 
  • Generate a business posture by presenting value and results combined with your passion to deliver 

The complete workshop programme includes Marketing Analysis, Content Marketing, Information Architecture, Messaging Strategy and Measuring Success. These workshops can be arranged as 45 minute telephone / Zoom calls to be held once a week (a time and day that fits). Those companies who wish to take this further can arrange one-2-one training or join an existing workshop group held on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

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