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Create marketing strategies with rock-solid foundations

Create marketing strategies with rock-solid foundations

Master strategic thinking to evolve and connect with your audience.

Find out how Netflare brand development workshops ignite your passion to deliver outstanding products and services to your target customer. 

Let Netflare show you how to create and implement coherent marketing strategies that build and retain a trusted relationship between you and your ideal audience.

Providing excellence in business support, content marketing and digital solutions.

Netflare is a Cambridge based digital agency, specialising in delivering high quality web services utilising the Drupal content management system.

Netflare offers a complete design, development and hosting service for simple sites through to full ecommerce packages. We can even help maximise your business investment in your website via our own marketing training package - so you can effectively manage your own marketing strategy.

Call us today on 01954 202 464 for an initial discussion about your website or marketing requirements.

Marketing Workshops

Marketing workshops

Let us help you bring clarity to your ideas and work with you to design and implement a marketing strategy that works for you.

Design Framework

Websites that work anywhere using modern design frameworks

Choose the latest thinking in user experience and modern design by building your website on Drupal 10 with Bootstrap 5 design framework. 

Google Cloud

Managed hosting and support

Netflare offer scalable and resilient hosting services with private cloud on dedicated servers and Google Cloud to host your website.

Take these six steps to build your marketing strategy

Netflare offer a full range of services to guide your business strategies from idea to implementation. 

The brand development workshops are designed to help you focus on a strategy that works, target your ideal customer, write great content using language they understand, measure your success and improve communication with each of your customer segments.

More about brand development

Business identity

1: Business identity

Business identity is all about identifying and developing your passion behind the business, the value and results you deliver to your clients, and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Marketing Analysis

2: Marketing analysis

Steps to get your marketing organised, bring clarity to your existing strategies, and maximise your potential by creating an effective marketing hub.

Writing Styles

3: Content marketing

Learn the secrets of writing great marketing content: find the best way to package your message so that the reader immediately sees how it is relevant and easily understood with your intended meaning.

Website strategy

4: Website strategy

Introducing a new way of thinking about managing the content on your website

Measuring Success

5: Business analytics

Focus on results by measuring your KPI's. The key to this is knowing how to effectively collect and utilise the right information in a way that makes key business decisions clear and obvious.

Improving communication with messaging strategy

6: Messaging strategy

Become proactive and improve communication with email. When combining newsletters with autoresponders, you will have the ability to build credibility and trust with your customers and prospects.

Do you need a Netflare Chief Marketing Officer to help build your business?

Solutions in action

Here are a few examples of what you Netflare can do for you.

New business

Attract new business

Stand out from the competition by thinking differently about your marketing:

  1. Win new customers by reducing the perceived risk with an irresistible offer for their first sale.
  2. Develop trust and improve clarity with your existing customers by continually delivering value.
  3. Increase the life-time value of each customer by up-selling and cross-selling so you can increase your investment on the first sale.
Trust Funnel

Create explosive growth by nurturing your customers

Build strong relationships and nurture your customers:

  1. Open opportunities for your customers by making available increasing levels of value.
  2. Categorise your customer base into layers of trust and target each layer with services they value.
  3. Build and shape your products and services to be tuned for each trust layer.
Writing power content

Write powerful targeted content

Write content with relevance and clarity:

  1. Package the message you want to get across.
  2. Launch the message with clear intentions.
  3. Support the message with proof of ability and integrity.
  4. Edify the message with your passion and reputation.
Search engine friendly

Be naturally optimised for search engines (SEO)

Getting found on the search engines doesn't have to be difficult:

  1. Write content using the correct syntax.
  2. Ensure each sentence has a subject, a verb and an object.
  3. Use synonyms where appropriate to describe your products and services.
  4. Use HTML styling such as header tags, lists and tables as required, but always prioritise the clarity of each sentence.
Google analytics

Measure with analytics tools

Determine your key performance indicators by knowing the purpose of each marketing strategy

  1. Recognise the desired results - tangible and intangible.
  2. Consider what information would help to determine whether the result was being achieved.
  3. For each indicator, consider what could be used to measure it.
  4. Determine the method of measuring the chosen indicators and what needs to be done to the website to begin measuring.
Autoresponder email

Connect with your customers

Keep in touch with prospects and existing customers with email marketing:

  1. Automatically follow up enquiries with an email containing something of interest.
  2. Take your prospect along incremental steps with auto-responder emails to help differentiate you.
  3. Keep your customers informed and educated with impartial information to help them make a buying decision.

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