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Are you too busy to think about marketing?

Most B2B companies find they hop between feast and famine. Why?

Mostly because when they're busy, they don't have time to spend on lead generation and marketing campaigns to keep their sales pipeline full.

When sales start to fall, businesses become desperate and find short-term fad strategies that end up failing in the long-term. The trouble is that businesses that fall into this pattern know the solution and yet still fail to resolve it. If you find you're stuck in this repeat loop, you must follow the steps outlined below to break free from the cycle and establish a sustainable marketing strategy that ensures consistent growth and stability for your business.

Ground up passion

Start from the ground up

Identify your strengths and align your business around your passion to deliver value and results.

There will be aspects of your business that seem difficult and other aspects that come naturally to you. By discovering what you really enjoy doing and building on this to nurture your passion, not only will you find business life easier, but you can use this to define your uniqueness. 

The enjoyable aspects of your business will be the part of the business that gives you true satisfaction when it is done well. It will not be so surprising then, that this area of your business will be the most valued by your customers.

Marketing Analysis

Perform a Comprehensive Marketing Analysis

Determine buyer personas, ideal customer profiles, and establish strong customer relationships. 

Understand the benefits your customers seek and tailor your offerings to deliver value and results.



Focus on Giving, Sharing, and Serving

If you could demonstrate empathy for your customer's pain and provide the solutions to help them, how would that affect your business?

Nurture customer relationships and extend their lifetime value through a focus on giving, sharing, and serving.

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Create Irresistible Offers

Enhance lead generation activities by crafting irresistible offers to attract new customers.

Of the normal products and services you would offer a prospect, consider what part or aspect of your offer you could make available for a substantially reduced price, or even free.


Autoresponder email

Develop Targeted Campaigns

Design campaigns that target specific segments and attract the right customers for your products and services.

Sales strategies can be tailored to fit your buyer personas and help personalise your communication, making your message better understood.


Utilise Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Increase revenue from long-term customers through up-selling and cross-selling. 

Develop products and services aligned with your passion to deliver results.

Measuring success with business analytics

Constantly Measure and Improve

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs), measure activities, and use data to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Your KPIs will be a set of measurements you take on a regular basis in order to track the performance over time.

Chemex logo

From sales and marketing at Chemex:

"By focusing more on developing a better relationship with our existing customers and in turn getting more sales, our lead generation initiatives became easier because the first sale was no longer a battle to squeeze out a profit and yet win the sale."

No strategy

What are the risks of having no strategy?

By putting off developing a long-term marketing approach, you risk continuing the cycle of feast and famine, and begin to feel disillusioned with costly and unsuccessful advertising campaigns. 

Additionally, insufficient time allocated to marketing efforts may lead to addressing the same issues repeatedly, hindering progress and stunting business growth.


Neglect marketing at your peril

In today's fast-paced business environment, neglecting marketing amidst the chaos of day-to-day operations can lead to detrimental consequences.

From building a solid marketing foundation rooted in passion and value delivery to crafting targeted campaigns and nurturing customer relationships, each step is crucial in establishing a sustainable marketing strategy. 

By prioritizing marketing efforts, businesses can avoid the pitfalls of ad-hoc approaches and instead, foster consistent growth and success.

Netflare has the training workshops to arm you with the knowledge and the tools to achieve this. 

However, if you need any further assistance, Netflare offers Project CMO's that will  provide you with actionable steps to break free from the common challenges faced by businesses stuck in the feast-and-famine cycle.

Expected results

Get a FREE taster of what a Project CMO can do for your business

Ask for a FREE introduction to our training workshops and discover how a Project CMO can work with your business. 

This 45 minute call will cover the following areas: 

  • Splitting your marketing activities into customer acquisition and customer nurturing marketing strategies 
  • Add clarity to your objectives by asserting a well defined USP 
  • Generate a business posture by presenting value and results combined with your passion to deliver 
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